Jedi training

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I am a huge fan of Star Wars and the saga lovers will understand me…

In March 2015, I suffered from an ictus as a consequence of a brain haemorrhage. The early rehabilitation became to me a Jedi Training: I had to control the force deep inside me to avoid falling in the dark side. The left part of my body remained paralysed and my brain was not able to recognise what I saw with my left eye.

I had and I have excellent trainers that can be put on the same level as the Master Yoda himself. They gave me a little Yoda puppet so may the Force be with me and of course a laser sword as an incentive to reach the end of the road.

I can say it today, proud of my work and thanks to all who have helped me, that I am a Jedi lady, I only need to let my hair grow and tie it in to two plaits close to my ears. I cannot say anything else but… May the Force be with you young padawan, the universe is waiting for you, learn to control the force.

Noemí Léndez

Hospital Casaverde Alicante Patient