Relaxation workshop: Mantra

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 Thanks to the mantras, what it is achieved is that the person who said them can relax himself, focus in a determined task and also put an end to the divagations that his mind possesses.

The multidisciplinary team of Casaverde Pilar de la Horadada has introduced the mantras in their relaxation sessions for seniors. In the last session they practice with the “OmGamGanapateyeNamaha” mantra; one of the deities most known in India. It is a prayer to Ganesha, God that stirs all the obstacles and difficulties of life. Through the repetition of this Mantra (108 times) we ask to eliminate of our way any material or spiritual obstacle. After pronouncing this mantra daily, we will start to see that the problems or obstacles are decreasing in importance. It can be done before start a trip, sign a contract, start a course, a new profession or job, before start a new business, etc.


  •  They are pronounced by the individuals aloud and inwardly.
  • They are constantly repeated in a rhythmical way.
  •  Like in the Christian religion, it is normal that in most of the cases a serial of elements are used in order to contribute to follow the mantra chain, to not get lost and to count the mantras.

Mantra is a term which can be understood as “thought”. In what is referred to its etymological origin, the “mantra” term is result of the conjunction of two elements: the term mans which can be defined as mind and the term tra, synonym of liberation. In religions like the Buddhism and Hinduism, mantra is a sentence, word or syllable which is said as a support of the meditation or to plead to the divinity.

The mantra acts as a tool which helps to free the mind of the constant though flows. Thanks to the mantra repetition, the person enters in a deep concentration state. The mantras are normally used in the meditation and in the yoga due to they help to connect in other level with the deeper self.


  • It helps to reduce the anxiety levels and to combat the depression status
  • Find calm and tranquillity during and after recite the mantras and with the daily repetition to be able to live it more pacified.
  • The immunological system will be stimulated and strengthened.
  • By being constant you will help to clean subconscious patterns, old convictions, etc.