Talk in the Lucentum Alicante Association of Consumers and Housewife

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The last 30th May, the Casaverde Foundation imparted through his welfare work a talk in the Lucentum Alicante Association of Consumers and Housewife. With the title Ictus: What can I do?,  Manuel Menchón, professional of the Neurologic Rehabilitation Hospital in Casaverde Mutxamel and member of the Casaverde Foundation informe about the importance of controlling the risk factors to the assistants, how to detect it and act upon an ictus and the relevance of the rehab.

“In the Valencian region we have the Ictus Code, it is about an emergency protocol which is automatically activated since the moment the alarm signal is raised till the person gets the hospital”

 They also informed about the desired moment in the detention of the episode which must be lower than the first four hours since the first symptoms are detected. In that sense, they provide with the necessary info to detect and save remarking that “Time is brain”.

After the informative talk the assistants participated in a back workshop in order to keep a good postural hygiene at work and at home.

To conclude the day the Foundation drawled vouchers to receive four aquagym sessions in the Neurologic Rehabilitation Hospital in Casaverde Mutxamel.

From the Social Welfare of the Casaverde Foundation, counting with the professional specialists in Neuro-rehab, we keep getting closer to the brain injury problematic, with the conviction that the information is the capability of take care and improve our health and the health of the people who surround us.