The University of Alicante sign an agreement for the rehab of the people with brain injury with Casaverde Foundation

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The agreement improve the rehab is focused into offer tools and support to the patients in order to improve the rehab through a project developed by the University Institute of Informatics Research of the UA.

The principal, Manuel Palomar, and the president of Casaverde Foundation, Alberto Giménez have signed the collaboration agreement the last Monday.

Alicante, Monday, July 4th, 2016

The University of Alicante and the Casaverde Foundation have subscribed the last Monday an agreement for the achievement of common objectives in the development of new projects of scientific research apart from studies and formative programmes in the health sector.

The agreement foresee to establish courses of the performance in common of activities of divulgation, formation and research and it materialise in the first step of the partnership in a project of national level destined to the rehab of people with brain injury acquired carried out by the University Institute of informatics research of the University of Alicante along with the researchers and therapists of the Casaverde Foundation.

The project, developed in the framework of this agreement, is part of the programme Social Challenges of the horizon 2020 and has as an objective to develop social tools which contribute to improve the rehab of the patients with brain injury.

On the one hand, Manuel Palomar, has pointed out the importance of “an agreement that allow us to develop a research project upon the field, implementing the developed tools by the Informatics Research Institute in patients and through professionals that work with them daily.

On the other hand, Alberto Giménez has remarked that “The treatment with the people in a dependency situation and especially with those that suffer brain injury acquired demands innovation in the techniques and tools that we use. The chance of collaborate in this kind of projects is, without any doubt a benefit for the patients and for the scientific research”

Apart from the principal and the president of the Foundation, the general secretary of the University, Esther Algarra, the responsible of the project, José García, the director of the University Institute of Informatics Investigation Miguel Cazorla and Manuel Menchón along with Elena Sánchez, researchers of the Casaverde Foundation.