Dear beach, I’ve come back this year – Our residents’ blog

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The beach is a place where we are supposed to have fun and be relaxed in spite of some disadvantages we all know…

During July and August it’s quite difficult to find a spot to place the sunshade because there are a lot of people and we have a lot of problems to place it. Therefore, it will be better to use other system in order to hide ourselves from the sun, for example a Mexican hat or something similar.

The last time I was in the beach I had a as neighbour a lovely family with a charming children who had me jumping through the hoops doing all kind of mischievous deeds remarking the fact that they fully fill my omelette sandwich with sand.

All this is true and I had a very good time bathing in the sea or walking upon the wonderful sand. For sure at the first moment I have the chance to come back I will do and I just can’t wait because as I said before I had a fantastic experience!