Senior centers

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A senior center is a place where elderly people, with or without some sort of cognitive or physical impairment, receive personalized care from professionals in order to slow the aging process, rehabilitating and preventing disease. The center staff is responsible of making individualized follow-ups and activities based on the needs to ensure the best conditions and quality of life.

Senior centers

Senior centers are now places where social needs, health care and an important part of the elderly population are attended, for various reasons, mainly loneliness or lack of autonomy, it is needed to ensure that care outside home.

Sometimes older people are in a situation of dependence that leads them to demand assistance or health care, temporarily or permanently.

Senior centers types

There are several types of centers for the elderly and their differentiation depends on infrastructure and staff characteristics. While it is true that there is a common aspects among them: the professional support, technical and specialized to elder people in order to help them perform the tasks of daily life in the best way possible. The performance of these functions will be what leads to the family to decide one center or another, since they are seeking a pleasant place in which the patient can receive the necessary attention. Casaverde Group specializes in this type of care services for the elderly.

One of its main features is the daily medical care and multidisciplinary treatments from neuropsychologists, psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. All of them will put their attention on residents to ensure their welfare.

Activities in senior centers

The activities carried out in these centers, seek to perform tasks of daily living, in order to maintain, preserve and improve the user’s functionality. Residents have the opportunity to develop new skills and improve those that already have in an entertaining way through leisure activities. The activities are usually in group and they usually work cognitive stimulation or reading; the gerontogimnastic, baking, gardening, dancing, music therapy, laughter therapy is practiced and relaxation classes are given… the range of activities suit all tastes.

Casaverde socio-health centers

The Casaverde centers have a great team of professionals so seniors can be in the best hands. The performance of individual and group activities becomes one of the main tools of the center to improve the quality of life for the residents while positively reaffirm the socialization and self-esteem of each person. In addition, methods of information have been established for families to have constant communication with their elders so that they are informed at any time about the status of their evolution.