Therapy with donkeys

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During two days, the patients of the Unit of Reintegration and Special Cares of the Hospital Casaverde Alicante, accompanied by their therapists and auxiliaries, visited the Nature-Therapy centre MASPHAEL. The objective was to carry out activities with very hairy and affectionate animals: THE DONKEYS.

Thanks to Tania Corbí, occupational therapist of the MASPHAEL farm, and to the rest of the team, we were able to know some curiosities, such as the donkeys are smarter than we thought, that there are many kinds of donkeys and that the donkey’s gestation is between 12 and 14 months. That’s why the famous phrase “A long time, nor the labour of a donkey” exists. We also brush and prepare them a tasty meal.

It was a beautiful day that serves us, not only to enjoy with the animals in the middle of the nature, but also to encourage the coexistence in a different environment than the hospital. In words of our auxiliary colleague, José Mª: “This trip has helped me to strengthen the bonds of affection with our patients. It’s been a lot of fun”.

Thanks to Pancho, Sancho, Ela…