administrador 13 de diciembre de 2016 0 Comentarios

Because of the unfortunate events that took place last Friday, in which two people died, due to a gastroenteritis, the management of the centre and its employees, want to send, with the most sincere condolences to the relatives of the victims, total tranquillity to the public opinion, because the outbreak is in remission and the people affected are improving with a good recovery. In this sense, the centre has received the support of the residents’ relatives with whom it has contacted to inform them, in every moment, about the situation in the centre.

Regardless of the final cause of the infectious outbreak, it is important to note that the appropriate measures, within the greatest demand, have been taken. The centre has a high quality in its services, which yesterday was manifested by residents and authorities, and it is regulated by strict national and international quality specifications, certified by the independent entity AENOR. Its healthcare services, with daily medical consultation and 24-hour nursing service, maintain a very close relationship with its residents, in order to improve their health and life quality, and to avoid diseases or accidents that no one can be free at any time.

At the same time, the management expresses its gratitude to health, social wellness, judicial, police and local authorities, for the prompt reply that they have had, and for the maximum collaboration to the urgent calls made from the centre, to activate the standard protocols, that take place in these cases of generalised infections.