New challenges in children’s rehabilitation

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Casaverde Foundation organises a scientific conference about children’s rehabilitation because of the world brain damage day

Casaverde Foundation organises next Wednesday 26th of October a scientific conference about the treatment for a very special collective: New Challenges in Children’s Rehabilitation. The event belongs to the Acquired Brain Injury Week, for which reason, Casaverde has organised several social activities in its centres, hospitals and public places with the aim of make population aware about this illness.

The disability of a kid can be mild, moderate or severe, and there are a large variety of the alterations that can present: physicals (difficulties in balance, coordination or sensibility), cognitive (difficulties to understand the language, learning and memory difficulties, attention impairment), and socials (difficulties to maintain contact with people around him/her, impulsiveness, aggressiveness). All of these alterations complicate the child and relatives’ daily life, and hinder a correct psychosocial adjustment. Due to this high complexity, an important part of the children with special needs are not derived or attended in the right moment and with the specialised resources, which complicates an appropriate coordination in the different learning and treatment phases.

Children’s disability is a social reality that requires interventions in the healthcare, educational and social field, so a meeting between professionals and relatives from different fields that can establish an action plan is necessary, including an appropriate healthcare coordination for the children with difficulties and their relatives.

The conference New Challenges in Children’s Rehabilitation is destined to contemplate the needs that the kid with disability has, and also to coordinate the different healthcare action strategies that would be necessary to help this collective and its relatives. The event will take place in Club Información (Av. Dr. Rico, 17, Alicante) from 19:00h to 20:30h. After that, attendees will enjoy a cocktail while they have the opportunity to exchange opinions about the debate. Free entry until complete capacity.

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