What is Bobath therapy?

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Today we are going to talk about Bobath therapy. Do you know it?

In a previous publication we talked about occupational therapy, what it consists of and how it is developed. At Grupo Casaverde we carry out a number of treatments for all types of conditions. Occupational therapy is one of those treatments and it is one of the most caring services. The Bobath therapy is used with patients receiving occupational therapy.

What is Bobath therapy?

Patients of this type of therapies have usually suffered a lesion in the central nervous system (due to different causes such as a head injury or a stroke) which affects their functional development, mobility and posture control. Logically, this prevents them from having a normal daily life.

Who developed the Bobath concept?

The Bobath method (commonly known as the Bobath concept) was developed by the physiotherapist Berta Bobath and the neurologist Karel Bobath. Nowadays this concept is based on the advances of neurophysiology and neuroscience regarding knowledge on motor control and learning. The main concept on which the Bobath method is based is the study and understanding of normal movement that enables a comparison with movements altered by lesions in the nervous system.

Técnica Bobath

Characteristics of the Bobath method

A characteristic of this method is to study each case independently, whether individually or adapted to each individual (such as facilitation or management), as each individual is different and has very specific conditions. In the assessment carried out prior to the treatment, the steps that will be followed are established, always adapted to the patient. In the Bobath method the professional that assists the patient will continuously assess progress and mobility in order to proceed to any new adaptations and, therefore, make any changes in the techniques.

A very important aspect to keep in mind is to establish short-term objectives and/or goals, because long-term objectives can prevent the patient from progressing.

Other elements of the Bobath method

Some of the most frequent questions that patients ask is whether it is recommended to begin the treatment despite having a highly advanced lesion.

At Grupo Casaverde we support this treatment and, although a result cannot be 100 % guaranteed, small-big achievements can be made with perseverance. The main objective is to always achieve autonomy and the highest individual independence possible. In this same sense, a limited time cannot be established as it always depends on the patients and their progress. In the event of their achievements being successful, it is always recommended to follow a maintenance therapy.