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Almost without realizing summer is going away. And I say ‘almost without realizing’, because in this part of Spain the change of season is nearly noticed. Winters are not as hard and springs are actually hot.

The arrival of summer means for residents of Casaverde Mutxamel the beginning of the trips to the beach every Friday morning. As children excited with a trip, we approach the garden from where the bus leaves, but first make sure of something essential: that therapists have collected snacks from the kitchen, because it’s said that sea opens the appetite. We can forget the towel, sunscreen, even the bathing suit, but NO snacks. “No child, no”, says Mariano Ozores, that great comic actor.

We boarded the bus and headed to the beach, usually at Carrer La Mar Beach in Campello, but without singing songs, because we are already older ones, or so it seems.

Already we see in the background the Tower of the beach, which means that we have arrived: Red Cross stand and corresponding awnings. There are those who need chair and those who bathe with occupational therapists. After a while we take some snack: juices, sandwiches and some fruit. Whoever wants, repeat … bath, not snack as we’ll have lunch in a while.

As between comings and goings we have only a few hours, soon you have to return to the path of the bus and back to Casaverde. The morning passed quickly, but pleasant. Something simple, but how fun it is!