To my beloved patients

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For 15 years I have been Occupation therapist and for 15 years I have not stop working in the profession I love and in the field that inspires me since the first year in the University: the brain damage.

A lot of people does not know this profession yet and when I explain them what it is about, it usually provokes the same comment: “that must be pretty hard” and I answer that I belong to the most beautiful part of the problem, because my job is to help the people to live again as independently as possible in a moment when their life has been broken and they have stopped from doing things that were able to perform before.

Today I want to honour to all you patients that are fighting to improve themselves. Every day I see the effort that you all do putting an additional cone, one more clothespin, one more ball, putting on your pants or your shirt, brushing your teeth… so many things that are not considered as important until you are not able to perform them anymore. Each patient plays his own Olympic Games, facing a very tough job that we, the professionals, must try to make challenging and motivator; applauding their effort and making them see what they are achieving.

To you, fighters, thank you for your life lessons, your strength, your spirit of improvement and your persistence. Keep fighting brave people!

Elena Sánchez, Occupational therapist