My experience in the Casaverde Mutxamel Hospital: 80 years, two ictus, and a year of recovery.

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When I arrived to the Casaverde Mutxamel Hospital from the hospital after two ictus, the centre staff had to assist me in all my everyday activities due to I could not do anything by myself. For example, they had to take me to the bathroom, to take me out to go for a walk, to use a crane to move me because I could not stand up… I remember that even my children visited me from Germany because my prognosis was very bad: they forecast the worst.

Since that moment I have been improving step by step and I am watching to come back home and to be discharged. I have enormously improved in my recovery and I come back home taking steps, shaving my chin, helping as much as I can when I dress up and a much more things. Although I cannot handle my right hand very well, I am using it each day more and better. At breakfast time I use both hands, and the days I find a bit more difficult to use my right hand for eating, I use the left hand to handle the spoon or the fork and I help myself with my right hand pushing the food with a knife.

It is true that it is a bit more difficult for me to handle myself with a chair, and even though I see my friends that already can move it quicker and easier than me, I am getting it step by step at my own rate. I know I cannot do it very quick, but I do not care very much because each day I am able to do it better.

I will leave soon to my house in Torrevieja and I will put on again now that the house has been remodelled adapted to my needs. I even have my own crane! This way, with my wife assistance, I will be able to keep doing all what I have re-learn to do. I am conscious that with 80 years the things are not the same that when I was 20 or 40 and that the recovery process is slow, but that is not a reason to stop improving and to put more effort in my therapies.

I have big plans prepared for when I return to my home, and I will enjoy the company of my wife and children to the top. Now I see the life from other perspective and I will fully squeeze it. I advise to anybody who is in my previous situation to come to this centre due to there are multiple therapies (physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology…) to attend and to relearn  to do a lot of things that I do before the ictus.