Game Over to the Acquired brain injury

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The technology imposes in all levels, since the most complex to the simplest applications. Nowadays there are nearly 160.000 apps related with the personal care and the illnesses prevention. The use of applications and videogames for the rehabilitation of the patients affected by brain injury gets his foot into the door between the best techniques for complementing other therapies in sub-acute phase.

The virtual reality emerges before the need of the application of these new technologies has to be more motivating, that the activities carried out can be generalised to the daily life and that the patients perform a less repetitive and bored rehab. One of them is the Kinect technology for the training and the rehab of the patients. A technology increasingly used in the field of the neurorehabilitation, which helps in the diagnosis, studio and treatment of many neurologic affections.

The Kinect Rehabilitation recognises the movement of the patient and register the in a precise way the trajectory the person performs with different parts of the body in designed manoeuvres for the identification of possible cognitive and motor deficits. Those therapies with videogames will allow that the patients get the personal and professional objectives through the game.

The patient interacts with the system in an adequate environment for it, in which practises multiple combinations of movements without need of any device or controller. The system allows through different games highly motivational the retraining of the skills and capacities like the sitting and standing skills, pushing inhibition, training of the movement of heavy things, transferences… On the other hand, it allows the movement of the arms and the re-education of the functional patterns for the reach of different parts of the body very needed for the feeding, cleanliness and dressing apart from others activities of the daily life.

This sytems works as an additional complement added to the rehab. Working with Kinect Rehabilitation physical restrictions are eliminated considering that the remote control device is no longer used and the control of the game can be performed through several parts of the body. It is system more intuitive and adaptable to the capacities and needs of the patients. It is easy to use, and due to its playful component the patients present a greater adhesion to the treatment