Cardiac Rehab, much more than physical exercise,

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The multidisciplinary unit of cardiac rehab in Casaverde Mérida Hospital born.

 The cardiovascular diseases constitute a healthy problem of great importance in our region, being one of the main causes of diseases, disability and death in Extremadura

The last 15 of June the Cardiac Rehab Unit was inaugurated in order to improve the treatments of the cardiological illnesses (chest angina and heart attack, illnesses of the cardiac valves or the myocardium) are generating a growing population of people with cardiac chronic illnesses, which precise the need of having a life as normal as possible.

This is about patients who, after a chest angina, a heart attack or a cardiac intervention, want to take back the life they were used to before the incident since a physical, psychologist, familiar, social or from a couple relationship perspective, (and improve it in some aspects), involving more in their healthiness eliminating harmful habits, controlling the cardiovascular risk factors more carefully and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, those are the main objectives of the Cardiac Rehab Program.

The great amount of aspects which need to be attended force the fact that professionals from the different disciplines in the health field. The Casaverde Mérida Hospital, after years of experience in the attention to patients with brain injury with brain injury acquired make available it installations (physician’s office, gymnasiums, meeting rooms) for the cardiologic patient. Also, this hospital offers their professionals (Rehab technician, psychologists, nurses, social workers, support staff…), which leaded by Enrique Gordillo, cardiologist with more than 15 years of experience in the attention of heart patients, offer a unique service in the whole region.