Reasons of stroke occurrence; tips to prevent it

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Stroke is a cerebrovascular disease that leads to decreased blood flow in the brain. It occurs when a blood vessel that carries blood, is obstructed or perforated. This causes a lack of blood flow necessary for the proper functioning of cells. This problem causes the cells located in the area of ​​the brain does not receive enough oxygen, so they can’t function and die.

Reasons of stroke occurrence

Sometimes detecting a stroke can be easier than it seems, the main signs that can warn us to be suffering a stroke include numbness or paralysis in any part of the body, difficulty when speaking and understanding, loss of vision, lack of balance and coordination, and severe headaches.

Although the causes of this disease in some cases are inherent in our body and unavoidable, there are a number of factors that favor their appearance. Some of the factors that can cause a stroke include age, most people who suffer have over 55 years; genetic inheritance; having suffered another stroke; hypertension, this is one of the risk factors that best predicts stroke; diabetes and heart disease doubles the chances of developing this disease.

avoidable factors

Then there are the avoidable factors because they are related to lifestyle. The risk factors are smoking, nicotine and carbon monoxide damages the cardiovascular system; problems of high cholesterol and overweight and alcohol and drugs because they can damage health and cause heart failure.

Given these risk factors when having a stroke is important to avoid them and follow the advice of medical professionals, such as hospitals serving at Casaverde. It is estimated that following medical advice could prevent 80 percent of stroke cases.

Recommended Habits

The main steps to take are those related to exercise regularly and moderately. A sedentary lifestyle causes health problems which can cause a stroke. It is important to avoid smoke, both consumption and passive exposure. As mentioned above, the exposure to harmful components damage health.

It is also highly recommended moderate consumption of alcohol. Excessive consumption can cause a stroke, but his mild moderate consumption (less than 12 grams per day) or (12 to 24 grams a day) can reduce the likelihood of this cerebrovascular disease.

A Healthy diet. Our best ally

A healthy diet helps prevent cholesterol and reduce saturated fats as well, and obesity problems are avoided. It is advisable to check blood pressure regularly. To do this, we must take into account if you have previously had a stroke or have diabetes. In the first case the values ​​of blood pressure should be less than 130/80. But if you have not had a stroke values ​​should be less than 140/90.

A healthy and controlled life will therefore be the best medicine to prevent strokes, like many other diseases. Our lifestyle marks our future, although there are factors that can´t be controlled. The main recommendation in case of having suffered a stroke and to prevent possible repetition is to be in professional hands who give personal attention to each patient, as occurs in Casaverde Hospitals.