Therapeutic Pilates Workshop

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This week has started a new therapeutic workshop in Casaverde Hospital (Alicante): Pilates for people with acquired brain damage, which will be taught by one of the physiotherapists from the centre . The Pilates method is very popular because it shapes your silhouette while relaxing, improves the position, corrects poor posture and stimulates the body perception. It also increases confidence in oneself and one’s body.

This method triggers groups of muscles, especially the inner ones. The training restores natural muscular balance, stretches shortened  muscles and strengthens the weaker ones. Our ultimate goal is to improve the functionality, body awareness and muscle tone, as well as relieve joint pain/limitation, so patients can achieve better health and wellness. The practice of Pilates is suitable for everyone who wants to be healthy because it reduces tension, relieves aches and backaches, while it is an excellent preventive activity for health care, besides shapes and beautifies the body.

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