2012 Is the Active Ageing year

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A  European Government initiative aims to fight for integration of the elderly in society, promoting them to develop an active role in it.

European, and especially Spanish population, is aging really fast, something that was already happening in other European countries. That´s why 2012 has been declared the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, pursuing a main objective that is to get most people to keep a stake in the labor market enriching market with experience.

One of the keys of active aging is not only to assess the power of the elderly at work but it´s important for this population to play an active role in society. To do so, an intergenerational caring society is required, where elderly people is appreciated and respected.

Casaverde Group care, respect and listen to our elders because it´s our vocation. We are aware that age discrimination exists and it occurs in our society, for example when appearing in the media.

Therefore, from Casaverde we strive to change this situation. On the one hand we bring visibility to the elderly people with the dissemination of all the activities we do in social networks. On the other, we organize intergenerational activities, such as visits to beaches or monuments, or even enhancing visits of different groups to our centers so they could engage with our residents different leisure activities.

We hope that our example becomes a widespread reality in the near future, and initiatives such as the year of active aging bear fruit soon.