Tips for a healthy aging

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Life expectancy only escalates, so we have to realize that taking care of our body will allow us to fully enjoy our old age.

What is the secret to stay healthy once reached the elderly age? You need to promote healthy habits throughout your entire life. But you always have to care about yourself, that´s why Casaverde Group suggest you some tips to maintain a healthy body in a healthy mind regardless of how old you are:

-Food: is the great friend or enemy of your health. A Mediterranean diet is synonymous of health. But beware with excess of fat and calories!

-To stay healthy tobacco is prohibited and alcohol almost totally restricted.

-Medical supervision and following medical recommendations is very important to prevent rather than cure.

Physical exercise is essential and if it´s done in a group it´s more funy, but once you have reached a certain age, exercise has to be monitored.

Weight control is important, joints will suffer less and it´s a way to take control on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Maintaining an active social life, talking with friends, laugh, enjoy the family, etc. It is synonymous of an optimistic attitude, to fully enjoy life.

-Always keep your mind active, doing crosswords, puzzles, reading, writing a diary, etc. anything works to make cerebral gymnastics.

We apply these simple recommendations to our residents from CASAVERDE centers and it has an impact not only on health, but on wellness that is our primary concern.