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The ‘Observatorio Ocupacional’ organized the IV Edition of Employment Weekend UMH and Casaverde was one of the selected companies to participate in.  It is a training event where students and graduates get to know what companies are looking for and how to improve their candidature.

The event took part on the 16th, 17th and 18th of March in Nau de la Innovació (Innova building-Elche Campus), and thanks to the Human Resources professionals of the selected companies, the participants had the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and learn from different companies.

Our colleague Elena Sánchez, Project Manager of Casaverde Foundation and Occupational Therapy Coordinator of the Casaverde Alicante Hospital, interviewed some candidates interested in our activity. Each interviewer had an average of four candidates to interview and to give a constructive feedback individually.

We want to thank the five candidates that we interviewed for their interest and congratulate them for their attitude and motivation.
We also want to thank the trust that the ‘Observatorio Ocupacional’ placed in us by inviting us to this event and congratulate them for the initiative.

Below you will find a link to the photo gallery where you can see more about the IV Edition of Employment Weekend UMH.