“Living again” by Noemí Léndez

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My name is Noemí Léndez and I have a blog called “Living again” (https://viviendootravez.wordpress.com/).

I suffered a brain stroke in 2015 and while recovering in Hospital Casaverde (where there’s also a blog for the patients) I thought I could create a blog myself, so people can know about my experience with the aim of spreading something positive to those who read it and may be in the same situation that me.

It works as a therapy, I love writing. It is comforting to receive messages and comments from people who read with pleasure each new post. I send them optimism and positivity and a somewhat comic vision of a person with sequelae after stroke.

Thanks to a cousin, that works as computer technician, who created the blog for me. My son, 15, who lives in the computers world with passion, is my editor, as he manages far better than me the PC. He publishes every post that I design, being my hands and eyes.

It seems incredible to me how information can arrive everywhere due to the Internet, and I didn’t expect such a great acceptance of my website in just two months. This encourages me to go on, thinking of how much can help others in my same situation with my experience and optimism.

Noemí  Léndez. Agosto 2016.