Motivation and achievement

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Motivation is a key issue for our recovery and today we share with you some thoughts on the subject:

We, as patients, are not always in a good mood or find the strength to face our situation, so professionals must empathize with our mood and take over that our attitude is not always the best.

The good relationship between patients and professionals is essential and this is reflected in the results and performance we have in our therapies, in addition to the environment and development center everyday.

It is important to follow the guidelines, tips, instructions and requirements of professionals so that all our work go to fruition, but it is true that thanks to our good attitude and our own free will to improve, strive and work to advance, we can achieve great-little-progress.

It is also important to recognize, both by us and by the professionals, those great-little-progress we achieve. So we encourage ourselves to do it again, or give a small little step further and continue on the path of progressive improvement.

No doubt that with eager and effort on our part and guided by the multidisciplinary team of Casaverde Hospital, we improve day after day.