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Casaverde Group has made its entry in the Community of Madrid, with the acquisition of a hospital and three nursing homes that previously belonged to the group of residences Doctor Lopez Malla; three of them in the town of Navalcarnero and a fourth in Villamanta.

The hospital, which is located in Navalcarnero (Real Villa II) and was built last summer to be opened by Casaverde last 5th of May, is specialized in neurological rehabilitation. An area where the group leads among the private operators of the country, already having three case hospitals in Valencia, Extremadura and, now, the Community of Madrid.

Casaverde hospitals are specialized in neurorehabilitation under a fundamental premise: the importance of early and intensive care in a situation as close as possible to the injury suffered, in order to minimize the consequences of those affected by acquired brain injury. Each patient has (and should demand) the right to receive a specific treatment, with appropriate intensity and duration, allowing for greater functional recovery, reducing hospital stays and subsequent institutionalization rates.

With the purchase of the centres previously discussed in the Community of Madrid, Casaverde Group doubles its business in the health and care sector, which has over 25 years of experience and a total of nine centres across the country.