A very satisfied patient (True Story)

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One week ago from today, our beloved Colin, a Mutxamel Casaverde patient, was discharged. Before leaving he wanted to put his story on paper, and there it is so you will see willpower of this man. We miss you!

“Life doesn’t treat me too well! I collapsed in my home in Orihuela. When I woke up I was in the hospital and the doctor told me I would never walk again. I had two options: Give up or ask my God, Jehovah, to give me strength to continue living.

Two months later, they took me to Casaverde Mutxamel on a stretcher. I was 72, I´d lost 25 kilos, I was wearing diaper because my intestines were not working properly and I was urinating in a bag. At that time I wasn´t very optimistic, but the staff from Casaverde yes!

I arrived at 10 p.m, they put me in a bed into a nice room, they gave me dinner, they changed my diapers, they cut my nails and I receive the “good night”.

The next morning I had breakfast, I got dressed and groomed and finally they put me in a wheelchair.

After leaving my room they made me an assessment to see: if I could speak (I could, in 4 languages, but not in Spanish, unfortunately), if my brain was working (it was, I was probably a bit crazy but not stupid) and which parts of my body were working and which parts not ( I couldn´t stand up, I couldn´t walk and I had little muscular stenght). Doctors and nurses looked after my medication and therapists start with their magic!

I had three days a week physiotherapist sessions to being able to stand up and take a few steps. Since then I´ve never looked back. I had therapy almost every day. During the days that I didn’t have therapy assigned I made my own exercise program. Soon I realized that you must be careful about what you say to therapists. One day, I said to one of them that I had difficulties getting up from a sitting position; I shouldn´t have said that! He taught me how to push my body forward and I managed to stand up, then I had to do it 30 times!

A month later they removed from my wheelchair and they gave me a cane. I was able to walk through the garden without help. Since then, I improved myself every day. On December 21, the world was going to end! Not for me, I was going home. I came to Casaverde on a stretcher, and I’m leaving this place on my own feet!

So, what can I say? To my fellow patients I recommend them to fully cooperate with the staff of Casaverde. If your therapist asks you to do an exercise 20 times, try to do it 25 times. Eat the food they cook – even if you don´t like it-. Food gives to your body all energy it needs. Finally, do not lose hope. There is always hope if you’re alive.

For Casaverde´s Staff I just want to say: “You have a big heart.” From day one I felt that all people who was working here was involved to helping me to improve.

Thank´s Casaverde, you gave me back my life.  God bless your work.”

Colin Fordham