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Our professionals are dedicated to improve the quality of life of the caregivers, enhancing their autonomy, security and social relations. We support carrying out activities of daily life that cannot be practiced alone as getting up, dressing, daily toilet, shaving, grooming, postural changes, personal care, cooking and so on.

Our goal is to care about our users to keep them in their usual environment, avoid or delay their admission to the hospital, preventing the risk of marginalization, isolation and neglect, support their families.

Also we provide care for their loved ones; our assistants can also take care of the housework.

This service has two aspects:


Nursing assistants from Casaverde @Home provide social care for dependent persons, elderly, disabled or who have special needs, people facing a postoperative rehabilitation after hospitalization at home and anyone else who need help at home. The service hours are organized according to the needs of the patient. Also, our service can provide respite care to caregivers of regular user even during holidays.


Why Casaverde @home? Casaverde @ home, like the other Casaverde Group health centers, has the advantage of offering services both privately and with the support of public aid. Our users can receive public grant services immediately if they privately contract them; we also help to process public aids available to facilitate payments.

Our home care assistants are professionals with qualifications and they perform continuous training in order to improve their professional’s skills.


Nurses from Casaverde @home can assist you in the center or in your own house. We become part of the healthcare team during your recovery process, remaining in contact with other medical services. icos.

The range of nursing cares provided by Casaverde @home includes:

  • Administration of injections, care of central venous line, tracheostomy, various feeding regimes including various forms of feeding.
  • Wound management from traumas or accidents, diabetic ulcers, bedsores etc.
  • Maintenance of urinary catheters and drainage tubes.
  • Stoma care – Tracheostomy, Colostomy or Ileostomy Care.
  • Pain management as prescribed by patient’s physician.
  • Insertion of NG tubes and tube feeding, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), including supply of nutrition packages.
  • Assistance with bowel elimination – Enema or manual evacuation.
  • Monitoring patient’s vital signs and overall medical condition e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose monitoring, input/output charts etc.
  • Health education for the care giver such as patient’s family.
  • Assistance in activities of daily living both for elderly patients and patients challenged with temporary disability.
  • Palliative care – Medical assistance of terminally ill patients.


If you encounter difficulties in carrying out the activities of daily life th way you used to…. Our professionals can offer an assessment for your skills and / or physical, cognitive, sensory or social problems in daily living activities.

In this way we can carry out an individualized treatment program with the aim of achieving a functional rehabilitation in the areas where you need support to become more independent and autonomous in your daily life.

With the support of our occupational therapist, you will get well recovered from the barriers that have caused your illness or you could learn, in a better way, how to adapt to your disability.

This service is also aimed to families who need advice in the daily care with dependent person.

  • Programme of daily life activities.
  • Psycho stimulation program (prevention of cognitive impairment)
  • Occupational therapy program



The team of speech therapists Casaverde will help you to recover or maintain the language and communication skills, as both are necessary for social integration and everyday life. Moreover, they can work together with rehabilitation techniques of orofacial organs, chewing, swallowing, etc., from your own home.



If you are going through a difficult time or you feel especially depressed, our psychologists will help you to feel better. Just call us and our qualified professional will visit you in your home to make a first assessment of the situation.

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