In order to guarantee and protect the privacy and confidentiality of our costumer’s personal data, and to protect their privacy, we have written, according to the current legislation, the following Privacy Policy that will be applied to all the automatic and no automatic files whose owners are: the Instituto Geriátrico Mediterráneo S.L., the mercantile Alboaires S.A., the mercantile Casaverde Centro de Rehabilitación Neurológico de Extremadura S.L. and the Casaverde Foundation, that is, the CASAVERDE GROUP; and that are properly registered in the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The terms set out below and in particular the duty of confidentiality will be mandatory for all the staff we hire, as well as for those third parties that under contract and/or express authorization have access to personal data of any companies or organizations forming the CASAVERDE GROUP.

We reserve the right to modify the content of the current Privacy Policy, trying to adapt it to the legislative changes and the reports and rulings issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

In case any entity or organization in CASAVERDE GROUP is going to use your personal data in a different way of what is established in the current Privacy Policy, we will try to contact you as affected. However, if do not have permission to contact you, we will not do it.

Finally, we recommend you to check the Privacy Policy every time you access our web page, just to verify the purposes and uses that your personal data may have.

The current Privacy Policy will be part and always united to what is disposed in the Legal Advice. A text that is available to users on our website, and we recommend to read.



Regarding the personal data that are collected, treated and stored in CASAVERDE GROUP, there are different entities, specifically responsible:

In terms of the personal data that are collected, treated and stored in the Group CASAVERDE, there are different leaders, namely:

  • Instituto Geriátrico Mediterráneo S.L.
  • Responsible of the following files, which are affected for this web page:
  • Responsible for the following files, which are affected by this Web page:
  • Curriculum.
  • Payroll, personnel and human resources.
  • Alboaires S.A.
  • Responsible for the following files, which are affected by this Web page:
  • Curriculum.
  • Payroll, personnel and human resources.
  • Casaverde Centro de Rehabilitación Neurológico de Extremadura S.L.
  • Responsible for the following files, which are affected by this Web page.
  • Web users.
  • Casaverde Foundation
  • Responsible for the following files, which are affected by this Web page:
  • Web users.
  • Human resources.


Therefore, depending on the type of data you provide us through our Portal (for consultation, appointment or sending the curriculum), there will be an entity or another Responsible for the File and the Treatment, and there may exist, as we will explain later, a transfer of data among the companies of the CASAVERDE GROUP.


Through our website we collect the personal data of those users who choose to voluntarily fill out the mandatory fields that we have incorporated in each form in our website.

With these forms, users will be able to: request an appointment and visit our centers and facilities, make us any questions or suggestions as well as send us your Curriculum Vitae so we file it in our database for future staffing processes.

Through these forms users provide us with their data and consent their treatment in accordance with the purposes indicated at the time of completing the form, and that we remind you in the next section of this Privacy Policy. All of this is in accordance with the 15/1999 Organic Law, of 13th December, about Personal Data of Personal Nature Protection.

As a user, you guarantee us the veracity and authenticity of the data provided, being your responsibility to keep the data up-to-date at all times, to avoid errors on our part. Any false or inaccurate manifestations that occur as a result of the information and data provided, will be your responsibility.

Please note that whenever you provide personal information online (for example, by e-mail or via the Internet), the information can be collected and used by others. CASAVERDE GROUP does not assume the responsibility of that information to be collected, stored and/or treated by a not authorised third party, since we have adopted all the security measures that are at our disposal for this not to happen.



The purposes of the collection and treatment of personal data provided through our website and, unless stated explicitly otherwise by the affected, shall be as follows:

  • To be able to contact you to resolve the question, doubt or suggestion you make through our website. In this case, the Administration Department of the Instituto Geriátrico Mediterráneo S.L. will be the one receiving the information, which will resolve the query, or will report it to the commercial in which the user is interested.
  • To be able to contact you to arrange an appointment with you so that you can visit our centres and facilities. In this case, the Administration Department of the Instituto Geriátrico Mediterráneo S.L. will be the one receiving the information, which will arrange the appointment with the person interested in visiting the centers and facilities, or will report it to the commercial in which the user is interested.
  • In case you send us your Curriculum Vitae through the form provided for this purpose, the same will be sent to the Human Resources Department of the Instituto Geriátrico Mediterráneo S.L., in order to consider you for future personnel recruitment processes, so the mere shipping means your express consent for this purpose. In addition, if any of the companies and / or CASAVERDE GROUP Foundation was conducting a personnel recruitment process, the same may be sent to any of them.
  • In case you have voluntarily subscribed to our Newsletter and have given us your express consent for the sending of electronic commercial communications, we will use your data to send you information concerning CASAVERDE GROUP or any of our collaborators or «friend» companies, as well as related products/services that may be of your interest. In this case, the e-mail address to receive the Newsletter receives it and stored the Administration Department of the Enterprise Institute geriatric Mediterranean S.L, who will be in charge of managing these shipments.



The personal data that you have provided us as a user of our website will not be disclosed to any company or entities outside the CASAVERDE GROUP.

However, they could be transfer among the companies of the CASAVERDE GROUP (including the Foundation), in the following cases:

  • In case you send us your Curriculum Vitae through our Web form, we will be able to, in case there is a recruitment process open in any of the entities that form the CASAVERDE GROUP, send your Curriculum Vitae so they can have you in mind in the selection process and in case your profile could be adjusted to the needs of the entity or organization.


So if you click this option in the section that we have put at your disposal in the same submission form, we understand that you provide us your express consent to forward your resume to companies of the CASAVERDE GROUP.


  • When you make a query through our website or call for an appointment to visit our centres and facilities, your data can be transferred to the Centre you want to know or visit so they can directly manage the visit.



Through our Web page we give you the opportunity to subscribe to our Newsletter and receive electronic advertising of CASAVERDE GROUP and partners or «friends» companies, as well as any information we understand that it might be of your interest.

Since we declare ourselves totally opposed to the sending of electronic commercial communications or SPAM, your data will not be used for this purpose without the express consent of users.

Accordingly, we have enabled our website a process so users can subscribe to our Newsletter, and that is based on the “double opt in», i.e., signing our Newsletter it is not enough for us, we will ask you to confirm your subscription with an email we will send to your account.

Now then, in case you subscribe to our Newsletter and accept the sending of electronic commercial communications, and subsequently decide to cancel such subscription, you can send us an email to, canceling the subscription to the NEWSLETTER.

In addition, you can also unsubscribe by going to any of the Newsletter that we have sent to you, by clicking on the link «unsubscribe».

Just contact us and we will remove you from the list immediately.

For technical reasons and quality of service, we have hired subscription service through email and sending of Newsletter to Coodex Marketing S.L., you can find their privacy policy here.

Regarding this service, we inform you that they have contracted this service to the company The Rocket Science Group LLC, i.e., MailChimp (Privacy Policy). The latter is from U.S. and has its facilities in this country, so if you subscribe to our newsletter, your personal data will be transferred internationally to that country.

It is important to know that on October 6th 2015, the ECJ invalidated the agreement Safe Harbour which allowed the international transfer of data between the US and Europe. However, these parties are working on a new agreement, called «Privacy Shield» and as soon as it is realized, we will comply.

Meanwhile, to send your data to the US in a legal and valid way, we need your consent, therefore, when subscribing to our newsletter, you agree and consent expressly and unequivocally that your data are stored by The Rocket Sciense Group LLC, with the purpose of managing shipping for bulletins.

Should you not consent this treatment, it is advisable not to subscribe to our newsletter, or if you were subscribed, cancel the subscription in the link that we make available to subscribers in each newsletter, or by sending us an email to



Any person, may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (A.R.C.O.) of the personal data included in any file of any responsible for the CASAVERDE GROUP, asking for it by any means that leave evidence of the sending and receiving, clearly expressing your desire and accompanying photocopy of your ID card and all the documents required to prove your identity. Not forgetting the reasons that would justify the exercise of his right.

To do so, you can write to the email address either send a letter to the address listed in our Legal Advice, depending on who is the responsible for the files.

We have available forms for the exercise of these rights, so you can request them at any time.



In CASAVERDE GROUP we have adopted all the technical and organizational safety measures in accordance with the current legislation, in order to guarantee as much as possible the security and confidentiality of communications. For this purpose we have adopted the necessary measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access of personal data that you have provided through any route.

  • Encrypted web with algorithm SHA-1 and RSA encryption.
  • Dynamic Tokens to prevent CSRF attacks.
  • WordPress protected with Wordfence to prevent brute force attacks and injection of malicious code.
  • High security password policy: these passwords have a minimum length of 16 characters and multiple cases of characters include uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, and special symbols.

Despite the foregoing, you recognize and accept that Internet Security Measures are not infallible and that the networks used in Internet are not secure, so any communication sent by this means, can be intercepted or modified by unauthorized persons.

CASAVERDE GROUP guarantees compliance with the levels of protection established in Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, which approves the regulations implementing the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Personal Data Protection.



On the Blog, as a user, you can post comments on those items that allow it and you have to keep in mind that the personal data that you introduce when publishing a comment shall be used exclusively to process this comment and publish it. They will not be transferred to third parties in any case.

We recommend you that if you sign your comment, do it only with your name or nickname, to prevent third parties to access your personal information.

For additional information about the Blog, go to our “Recommendations to the users of the Blog».


Social networks

The CASAVERDE GROUP is also present in the social networks FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and LINKEDIN.

Through our profiles, we do not share or communicate any personal information of «friends» on Facebook, of «followers» of Twitter or our videos on Youtube, etc.

Since CASAVERDE GROUP manages these profiles, it has adopted security measures and appropriate privacy settings; being the users responsible to not send personal information through these networks.

Now, we inform you via this Privacy Policy that the profiles we have open on any social network, are public. It is so because our profile aims our services to be seen by as many people as possible. So before using these social networks, we recommend you to read the Terms of Use and Privacy:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:

Anyone who does not want to be «friend» or «follower» of CASAVERDE GROUP profiles should just unfollow this profile.

Furthermore we inform you that all the photographs that we got on our social networks, we got them because we have the express consent of their legal representatives or guardians or persons appearing. In case CASAVERDE GROUP publishes on any social network an image without consent, or in case you want to revoke the same, just get in touch with us in


Last update 28 December 2015

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