Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Casaverde Group has three NURSING HOMES for seniors located in Almoradi, Guardamardel Segura and Pilar de la Horadada, a geographic area that stands out for the beauty of its scenery and the warmth of its temperature (21 ° C annual degree).

Health, quality of life and peace of mind of our users is what matter most to us, all Casaverde centres have 24 hours of nursery assistance 7 days per week, daily care and multidisciplinary treatment given from our team composed of neuropsychologists, psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Every day, residents have the opportunity to develop new skills and they will also improve those that they already have acquired while enjoying leisure activities, cognitive stimulation, reading rehabilitation, baking, gardening, dancing, music therapy, laughter therapy, relaxation classes…a range of activities that is adapted to all tastes.

For Casaverde,permanent contact with relatives is important. Therefore, the centres are open 24 hours a day, so that family members can visit residents at any time of the day or night. Also, methods of permanent information have been established so that family members, even those that are far away,know in detail the situation and evolution of the residents.


Family care

The caregivers of dependent people usually forget about their own care and free time. Sometimes it is necessary to rest in order to avoid stress and to be in a good psychological wellbeing.

Family care service is designed to provide a temporary rest attending their relative.

When the family is going for a trip or they simply need a break, the dependent person can stay at one of the Casaverde centres with full confidence that he will be attended with professionalism but also with a lot of tenderness.

After being admitted to one of our Casaverde centres, our professionals will evaluate his physical and cognitive state, develop an individual care plan and offer assistance in the same conditions as in the case of permanent staying. It means, you will have the same rights and duties that residents and access to all services provided by the centre (excursions, cultural visits, etc.)

Our Casaverde centres for elderly people have nursing assistance 24/7, daily medical consultation and therapies (individualized or in group) together with our physical therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

The programme of leisure and recreational activities also constitutes a powerful tool for social integration with co-residence and it stimulates areas such as self-esteem and emotional health.

This is a service that, in addition to provide temporary qualified medical care to older people with functional diversity or in a situation of dependence, gives a possibility to have a rest for caregivers and provides them with a period of «holiday» while his companion will also enjoy holiday´s.

This type of vacancy can be arranged privately or requesting a «Respiro Bonus” to the Consellería de Bienestar Social. To be admitted conditions: people over 65 or 55 years old diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias or dependents, all of them have to be registered in the Comunidad Valenciana and have renounce to work because of retirement or disability and in addition they will need to prove social and economic necessity in accordance with the requirements from the announcement of this aid.

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This unit is for you if

  • You are going for a trip and you don’t want to leave alone your relative.
  • You need a break in the daily care of your family.
  • As a caregiver you need some time to arrange your personal and professional life.
  • You are going to be hospitalized and you´ll need someone to take care of your relative.

Rehabilitation and convalescence. 

Aimed for people who have just come through a surgical process, or who have suffered a trauma or injury that requires treatment or convalescence to retrieve the best physical and mental condition as possible after a long period of inactivity. The rehabilitation will be essential to reduce the risk of complications and the possibility of needing a new hospital admission.

Patients will enjoy all the services offered by the centre and 24/7 assistance from our nursing team, combined with session of individualized treatment together with our professionals, always supervised by the doctor of the residence. The rooms that will be accommodated are fully adapted to your needs. Equipment for transfers, orthopedic material and personal alarm (both next to the bed as in the bathroom) to ensure a rapid assistance if required.

Programme of integral rehabilitation in apartaments

For those persons who want to enjoy our treatments of rehabilitation and convalescence without losing its personal autonomy, Casaverde is provided with a programme of integral rehabilitation that develops in the apartments of Casaverde Almoradí.

It’s an intensive programme, with daily treatment sessions. The patient will receive a comprehensive medical monitoring and surveillance by the Nursing Department 24 hours a day. Also, you will have at your disposal psychological support during your recovery.

The accommodation it´s a luminous and very spacious apartment with an articulated bed and it also has an extra bed in case you come with a companion. The apartment is fully adapted, and features a kitchenette with fridge and microwave, armchair relaxation to rest, Internet, TV with national and international channels and a common garden area.

When your treatment in the centre is completed, our social workers will help you processing any aid you need and managing all services in order that you could return home as soon as possible with the best conditions. If desired, you can continue with our rehabilitation, receiving visits at home by our healthcare professionals.

Also, with Casaverde @home you will have other complementary services at home, like home-made food or podiatrist services.


  • You or your relative has been hospitalized.
  • You have suffered a traumatism and  you need rehabilitation
  • You need help to recover the basic functions of the daily life
  • Your family member needs to control high blood pressure or decompensated diabetes.

Day Care Centre

Day care centre users of Casaverde receive the same care and have the same rights and duties that the long-term residents, with the difference that they come back home at night. It is a service that can be provided in any of the nursing centres.

This type of stay turns out to be perfect for the families that need attention for dependent person during their working days or for the elderly people who want to spend their free time with other persons with a similar age and condition, to take part in physical and cognitive stimulation activities that allows them to stay in a good shape. That’s why Casaverde facilitates the transport for the person from their house to the centre and vice versa, so you wouldn´t have to worry about anything.

When the patient is admitted to the centre, our professionals will evaluate their physical and cognitive state in order to develop an individual plan of treatment and offer individual assistance in the same way as for the permanent staying.

Our centres provide an ideal place to spend the whole day, because during the day our patients receive treatments of cognitive stimulation, they can participate in leisure group activities and they will also enjoy a 24/7 health care assistance.

But our implication does not finish with the person who enjoys the service, but also extends to its family. Our psychologists and social workers will offer support and orientation in everything relative to the care of a dependent person, as well as pursuit of the state of health of the relative. In this way, staying at home is favored for longer time, preventing or delaying admission to a nursing home.

This is your unit if

  • You want to avoid the isolation of your relative at home.
  • You are searching how to prevent the occurrence or the increase of dependency
  • You precisehelp  foryour relative while you work.
  • You need time to manage personal affairsor you just want to relax during the week.

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