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Casaverde has over 25 years of experience taking care of people affected by functional dependency and providing neurological and physical rehabilitation for people of all ages.

From its beginnings, Casaverde Group has seated its basis on the quality of service and the training of the professionals. As a result of this concern to improve, Casaverde Group is now a modern company, consolidated, with great standing and social influence, whose centres have the international quality certification ISO 9001 issued by AENOR and whose treatments and rehabilitation technics are up-to-date.

Rehabilitation hospitals Neurological and Physical

Highly qualified medical and sanitary team

The medical team is multidisciplinary and consists of neurologists, rehabilitation physicians, general practitioners, internists, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.


Advanced technology in equipment and facilities and a comprehensive rehabilitation system

Our hospitals have modern and complete facilities, with adapted rooms, gyms with the latest technology, pool for aquatic therapy treatments and common areas to encourage social integration of patients. All of this located in specially chosen for their idyllic environment locations, which include large and leafy gardens.

Comprehensive rehabilitation system: holistic, early and personalized

Patient’s motivation is essential to face a proper rehabilitation. Aware of this, our facilities are designed exclusively for rehabilitation, and our specialized programs and all the staff works to create the right atmosphere to motivate the patient as much as possible, trying to short the recovery time.

Casaverde @home

Health services center home , located in Almoradí

Socio-sanitary Services at Home

The Group offers health services at home (Casaverde @home), whose center is located in Rojales. From it, we coordinate nursing sessions, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology, with the convenience of the patient at home. We also offer aid at home and advise the user who requests it with all the administrative tasks.

Casaverde Club 50+

Casaverde has an international orientation and we have a 50+ Club with associates from different nationalities, among them: English, Dutch and Swiss people. The Club members have access to exclusive health services and activities to integrate them in the community, such as Spanish classes and excursions.

Comprehensive health and social care

Casaverde @home objective is to provide the costumer a comprehensive health and social care no matter his age or nationality, and to do this in the most simple and accessible way. That is the reason why we have professionals that speak several languages and we offer a wide services portfolio.

Grupo Casaverde


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