Casaverde Alicante´s Hospital is the unique monographic center of physical and neurological rehabilitation in the province. It is located in a natural environment with a typical Mediterranean essence, a few kilometers from the city center.

Casaverde Alicante´s Hospital is equipped with advanced technology, both for physical and neurological rehabilitation, with an indoor therapeutic swimming pool and with a multidisciplinary team of professionals that is at the head of the sector. The individualized treatment, the closeness and implication with our patients are the endorsement so they can feel comfortable and motivated in a complicated moment of their life. With the target to cover all the needs from our foreign patients, our workers can speak several languages.

We offer modern and spacious facilities where take precedence the gardens and open spaces set with musical background.All this is focused to achieve the comfort and the peace that our patients need. Also there are single rooms and bungalows to make comfortable the residence for our patients.

The center has agreements with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social welfare (Program of Reintegration). Likewise, it has agreements with the public, private hospitals, mutual societies and insurance companies.


Sub-Acute unit

The sub-acute unit is intended for patients with subsequent brain injury or spinal cord injury, which have reached clinical stability but who have neurological sequels and therefore need a multidisciplinary neurorehabilitation treatment.

Sub-acute unit provides a personified treatment for such patients, achieving, thanks to   precocious attention and intensive, interdisciplinary treatment, greater deficits expected recovery in the shortest possible time and its subsequent reintegration, avoiding entering in chronic dependency.

Maintenance / rehabilitation unit

Patients who are discharged from sub-acute rehabilitation unit have the option to return to their homes or they can join the reintegration unit. This Unit aims to continue with an interdisciplinary treatment focused primarily on the integration of the patient in his social, work and family environment.

This program has 100% of subsidized places givenby “Consellería de Bienestar” and the Government of Spain in Alicante for Casaverde Hospital.This project, a pioneer in the sector, carried out by a multidisciplinary team that works by empowering preserved skills, intervention with the family, adaptation to the environment and workplace so that the person with brain damage reaches full autonomy, thereby discharging the carer, and reducing the costs caused to the administration.


Maintenance unit / special

Resource used for patients who, having reached the maximum possible rehabilitation, need some specialized cares for the proper maintenance of their health and quality of life.This unit has its own interdisciplinary team which develops individualized treatments (medicine, nursing, psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work and nursing assistants).

Physical rehabilitation unit

The main objective of physical rehabilitation units of Casaverde Group Hospitals is to offer postoperative rehabilitation of the best quality that allows our patient to perform an immediate and intensive work, getting that way recovered their full potential.Our hospitals are provided with specialists in rehabilitation of scientific-technical high qualification and wide experience, who by means of the evaluation, treatment and advisory will assure the recovery of the patient in the least possible time after the operation.

For this, we have programs of postoperative rehabilitation for people who stay at the hospital and for people that areonly going to rehabilitation sessions, through a personalized medical work plan;they will have an efficient recovery in the shortest time.

These post-operative programs are individual for each patient and designed to help restore normal movement of the affected area and minimize the period of convalescence.

Grupo Casaverde


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