Successful case in Casaverde Mutxamel – E.R.G.

Successful case in Casaverde Mutxamel – E.R.G.

  1. Tell us your experience.

My experience with the brain damage is very soft, I felt it immediately in my left hand, it got weaker and later, it occurred the same in the left side of my face, concretely in my tongue, lips and eyes. I knew then it was related to my brain. The first thing I decided to do was going to my office, picking an Advanced Physics book and a philosophy book and I did some calculations so I make sure my reasoning was not being affected.

I arrived on January of 2016 to Casaverde and a month later they had to transfer me to the Hospital due to I have a lot of fever and diarrhoea. I had to stay interned in the hospital for a month after having an operation. When I came back to Casaverde, I was very weak and I had lost a lot of weight.

  1. What has Casaverde Rehabilitation Hospital provided you?

When I arrived here I couldn’t do anything by myself due to I have not enough strength I could not standing, I need help for all the activities that once I performed independently every day.

Thanks to my stance in the Rehabilitation Casaverde Hospital, at my discharge date, I am totally independent in my daily activities so I can dress myself, have a shower, getting ready by myself just like I did before the incident.

  1. What has Casaverde Rehabilitation Hospital provided you?

In the centre I have performed exercises with different professionals. For example, I did walking exercises with the physiotherapist, I did exercises to improve the facial paralysis with the speech therapist, I did attention exercises with the neuropsychologist and dressing, cleanliness and shower where I performed the different necessary movements while I told how to do them in the easiest way. Therefore, step by step, I started to achieving independency. I also performed exercises with both hands, especially with the left hand which I have affected by the brain damage.

  1. What will you miss now you have been discharged?

I have been in the centre for 6 months, I appreciate all of them because they have cured me. In spite of being discharged, I feel quite because I will be able to count with the professionals that work daily in the ambulatory clinic in Alicante if I ever need them.

  1. What would you recommend to a person in the same situation?

I would recommend them to do the same and follow my example, considering that, apart from my recuperation, I have shared moments with many friends that have improved a lot their physic state just like me.

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